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Thanks for posting, glad to no I'm not alone! I also tried this very same recipe from the "One Sweet Cookie" book today intending to bring to Thanksgiving. My layer did not set up either after 40 minutes, in fact it was about the consistency of yogurt at the forty minute mark. I continued to cook them ten minutes at a time (checking the doneness every ten minutes or so). I ended up cooking them a total of 70-80 minutes which basically doubled the cook time and pulled them out once the top of the cheesecake was starting to brown (fearing that now the brownie underneath was probably overcooked). The cheesecake even though slightly brown was still not set up and when I cut a tiny square from one of the corners to sample it, the brownie batter was just that, still batter. So now I am continuing to bake them at 325 degrees, put tinfoil on top (to protect the cheesecake layer from browning any further) and am currently baking for 20 more minutes. My guess is that the pan size was supposed to be written as a 9" x 13" and not a 9" square. That would also make sense given that the recipe is supposed to yield 36 small brownies. I don't see cutting 36 brownies from a 9" square baking pan. By the way, I just checked on my brownies and the extra 20 minutes with tinfoil did the trick. Now I'm going to get them in the freezer to stop the cooking process as to not overcook the brownies (they continue to bake from being left in the hot pan). Hope this helps!


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